Shilpi Mishra

Shilpi is a certified fitness instructor and a personal trainer with specialization in aerobics, strength training & fitness. Her fitness programs includes core strengtheing exercises with cross fit & circuit training. Ladies dealing with hormonal imbalances ae introduced to yoga and need based functional training programs designed by her. If you goals are weight loss, strength and condition increase, stability and flexibility improvement or an overall enhancement to your general health & fitness, Shilpi will help you reach your target with her trade mark smile.


Vandana has been dancing since her childhood & it has grown to be her passion. She says "Sincethen dance has become who I am. It's what I've been known for my entire life. Making the transion to being a dance instructor is one of the biggest decisions I've made thus far & has immense impact on who I will continue to be". She has worked as a dance teacher in schools & various institutions in UAE. She got herself into fitness post pregnency and gradually got her self certified as a Zumba instructor. Vandan's zumba class is vibrant high energy class designed to increase flexbility, strength and coordination. This is a great way to keep fit, Tone down and burn fat whilst having fun.


Manju is a certified personal trainer, She wants to make a difference to your life and see to it that you attain best body both inside and outside.

If your health objective involves fat loss, muscle toning, Strength and conditioning, Then Manju has the knowledge and experience to help you realize your ambition. Let her reshape your attitude to fitness and see wonders happening your inner and outer self.